From Victim to Victor: CD with steps, attorney-composed full in the blank letters, forms, logs and resources

(Porpoise Press, Inc. 2005) by Mari Frank, Esq.  $29.95

.  This CD (for a PC or Mac) with steps, letters including  laws, the forms, affidavit and resources, allow you to complete essential correspondence to various agencies by filling in the blanks, completing the forms and affidavit, and surfing directly to dozens of helpful website resources. Youíll have peace of mind knowing you have written a professional legal letter to effectively resolve your problems. Itís like having your own lawyer coach showing you the way at a fraction of the cost of even one hour of attorney time.  It will save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars of attorney fees

            ìWith new technological innovations, more consumers face the risk of privacy breaches that can make them victims of identity theft. This condition is only exacerbated by the speed and low cost of the Internet. Attorney, Mari Frank has created an important guide to help victims avoid or mend the destructive damage of identity fraud. Her CD gives consumers the critical tools needed to overcome the identity crises.î ó Mozelle W. Thompson, Commissioner, U.S. Federal Trade Commission

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