What the Authorities are Saying:

"Ms. Franks Identity Theft Survival Kit is the next best thing
to having your own expert coach guiding you through the steps to financial recovery".

Beth Givens
Author, "The Privacy Rights Handbook".

This Identity Theft Survival Guide will be a tremendous help to consumers because they must be educated and given the critical tools to help them help themselves to overcome the "identity crises". I believe that when identity theft victims use these form letters, creditors and the various agencies will be more willing to take steps to resolve the problems quickly".

Pam Presley
Attorney, Center For Law in the Public Interest
Former Director of the Consumer Protection Hotline
California Public Interest Research Group

"Ready or not, here it comes: Identity Take Over Fraud has come into its own, and promises not to go away until significant changes evolve in the manner and methods by which personal identifiers are collected and used. Consumers would do well to arm themselves with knowledge on how to mend the damages when victimized."

James E. Bauer
Deputy Assistant Director, Office of Investigations
U.S. Secret Service, Washington D.C.

"The Identity Theft Survival Kit" provides victims of identity-theft with
a step-by-step approach to deal with the myriad of problems that confront
them. Ms. Frank, an attorney and victim of identity-theft must be commended for transforming her personal nightmare into a tangible benefit for the consumer!!"

Gerald Sauer, Esq.
Lead Trial Attorney for Plaintiff, Landmark Case of Wenger V. TransUnion Corporation

"I completely respect the efforts of Mari Frank and the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse in helping Identity Theft Victims like me. It honestly and truly has been a lifesaver.

Identity Theft Victim
Madison, Wisconsin

"Ms. Franks experience and expertise in Identity Theft has helped me to finally clear up the fraud that has been going on for four years. I dont know what would have happened to me without her coaching! This kit is a must for victims of this insidious crime."

Donald M.
Identity Theft Victim
Chicago, Illinois

What others are saying about this book:

"No victim of identity fraud should venture near the quagmire of redemption without this book." Robert Ellis Smith, Publisher, Privacy Journal, Providence, Rhode Island.

"For victims of identity theft who have been through an Orwellian nightmare, The Identity Theft Survival Kit and the book, From Victim to Victor, offers a road map for justice, peace of mind, and restitution. Youll learn that you are not alone and find out how to fight back." Ed Mierzwinski, Consumer Program Director, United States Public Interest Research Group, Washington, DC.

"The best life saver anyone can have! A must have for victims. Attorney Mari Frank has written the most complete, authoritative, and easy to follow book on identity-theft. From Victim To Victor covers it all: where to start, how to proceed and just the right touch of support for persons who have suffered the terror of having their identity stolen. Like a first-aid kit in your medicine chest, every person should own this mini-encyclopedia in preparedness for the probability that they, too, may fall victim to the fastest growing crime today!"
M. Harmon, Attorney, Chicago, Illinois.

"Identity Theft is a crime that has been around for many years, and it is not going away. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. Mari Frank, Esq. has compiled an easy to understand and valuable "Kit" that is a one of a kind resource for investigative professionals and consumers. The Identity Theft Survival Kit and Book, From Victim to Victor, can help you to deter this crime and also to manage Identity Theft fraud once it has occurred." G.S. Goodman, Chairman & CEO, California Institute for Professional Investigators, San Diego, California.

"This book is fantastic for aiding the victim of the credit fraud nightmare. This helps them to clear up credit problems which result from a daily dreading of opening mail and receiving phone calls from collection agencies. It also greatly assists the victim in coping with the mind numbing realization of how easily a company will believe the impersonator and how difficult this same business becomes when dealing with the identity fraud victim." Detective Judd A. Levensen, Fraud Investigator, Springfield, New Jersey Police Department.

"With the release of The Identity Theft Survival Kit and the book, From Victim to Victor, victims now have an opportunity to put their lives back together. This is a giant step forward in the fight against fraud." Jane Y. Kusic, President, White-Collar Crime 101, Morgantown, West Virginia.

"Spooky stuff this identity theft. Ms. Franks Identity Theft Survival Kit and book, From Victim to Victor, leads you from nightmares to memories, from sleepless nights to peaceful slumber. It takes you step by step through the horror of ID Theft leaving you with eyes wide open, not with horror, but understanding and empowerment. Packed full of information, tips, contacts and emotional support; it is vital for the victim, an absolute must for those who want to protect themselves." Jerry C. McNeal, President, LB Consumer Credit Services, Hershey, Pennsylvania.

"Attorney, Mari Frank, has given us the best available information on protecting our identity from risk and harm. She guides us through the steps that take us from victim to victor. She teaches us how to protect ourselves from identity thieves, and how to fight back should someone steal our credit or identity. This is without any doubt the most useful and valuable information of its kind anywhere." Jeff Levy, Host of syndicated talk radio program Jeff Levy On Computers, KFI Radio, Los Angeles, California.

"From Victim to Victor has useful sample letters to write to everyone from Experian and TransUnion to banks, the U.S. Passport office and the Department of Motor Vehicles. It gives an effective step-by-step guide of what to do and how to safeguard yourself." Los Angeles Daily Journal, Los Angeles, California.

"It saved my life and sanity!!! If you are a victim of identity theft, suspect identity theft, or want to be proactive in protecting yourself against this crime wave of the millenium, this book MUST have a spot close to your local emergency numbers!!!" Edwin Walters, Identity Theft Victim, San Francisco, California.

"Ms. Frank has produced a valuable, informative guide book which outlines what steps should be taken by the victim of identity to get their credit and identity back in line." Thomas L. Burke, Senior Investigator, Ventura, California Police Department.