Testimonials for "Safeguard Your Identity"
by Mari Frank, Esq.

 "Identity-Theft claimed almost 10 million victims last year. Yet, even as this crime reached epidemic proportions, most potential victims aren't sure what steps to take to keep from becoming a statistic. Mari Frank's Safeguard Your Identity should be required reading for anyone who is serious about taking proactive measures in safeguarding their personal information." -Sheriff Michael Carona, Sheriff, Orange County, California


Today's consumers participate in a global marketplace where a world of goods and services are at their fingertips.  But with the promise of new choices and technological convenience, many are unwitting victims of identity theft -- an insidious practice that allows fraudsters to disrupt consumerÝs lives, ruin their credit histories and worse!  A consumer's first defense is to learn about identity theft and what steps they can take to prevent it.  Mari Frank's "Safeguard Your Identity: Protect Yourself with A Personal Privacy Audit" gives consumers an important weapon for self-protection.


Mozelle W. Thompson, Commissioner, United States Federal Trade Commission , Washington, DC


"In today's world, information is gold, and this book is about building your own Fort Knox. Just like good privacy laws, Safeguard your Identity puts consumers in control of their personal information. It's a consumer survival guide and emergency action plan that spells out easy-to-follow steps for both avoiding and recovering from ID theft. Truly essential reading."

             California State Senator Jackie Speier,  author of the California Financial Information Privacy Act,  Sacramento CA.


ýSafeguard Your Identity: Protect Yourself With a Personal Privacy Audit is a book that should not sit on a shelf. I recommend you place it where you will read it page by page and apply and incorporate the suggestions. We guarantee that with each reading you will find one more tip or piece of information you haven't thought about and need to implement for your privacy protection plan." -- Linda Foley, Executive Director, The Identity Theft Resource Center, San Diego, CA

 Safeguard Your Identity is the most concisely written and useful protection against the growing scourge of our time: Identity theft.  It is well-organized and reader-friendly, allowing all consumers to benefit from Mari Frank's pioneering work.


Evan Hendricks, Author, "Credit Scores and Credit Reports: How The System Really Works, What You Can Do" (Privacy Times 2004)  Publisher, Privacy Times, Washington, DC


"Identity theft is the chic and cataclysmic crime of our new age of information. As a criminal law professor, I am astounded by the chilling cold of terrorism, the blind greed of the corporate complex (and government) and the havoc engendered by identity theft. Mari Frank's book Safeguard Your Identity does an admirable job in identification and prevention."-  Jeremy M. Miller, Professor of Law, Founding Dean (1994-1997), Chapman University School of Law, Orange, CA

"Safeguard Your Identity is a timely and user-friendly guide to protecting your good name in the Electronic Age. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to avoid being the next victim of America's fastest-growing form of white collar crime." -- Thomas A. Papageorge, criminal attorney, consumer fraud prosecutor, legislative advocate, Los Angeles, CA

 ýMari FrankÝs new book Safeguard your Identity should be on every consumerÝs bookshelf. Mari Frank is the nationÝs foremost authority on Identity Theft. As a victim of Identity Theft herself, she lays out a complete and sensible roadmap to follow to protect yourself against this crime, and shows you how to get your life back in order if you become a victim.ţ -  Jim McMillen, consumer lawyer, Corpus Christi, Texas National Association of Consumer Advocates "Consumer Hero of the Year".

 ýI have known Mari Frank for 7 years and in all that time, I have known her to be a tireless and tenacious advocate and champion for consumers, law enforcement, and Identity Theft victims. Heed her advice well as she speaks from the heart and her personal experience as an Identity Theft victim and practicing attorney. She is the most knowledgeable expert on Identity Theft that I have ever known." -  Jim Dowling, Investigator, Assistant Vice President, Union Bank of California; Retired police detective (33 years of law enforcement experience, Orange County, CA)

"Drawing upon years of experience as an attorney and identity theft victim, Mari Frank has written an easy to use guide to shielding oneself from the growing scourge of identity theft and financial fraud crimes.  If you wish to learn how to protect yourself and your family, Frank's book Safeguard Your Identity should be an essential part of your privacy self-defense efforts." - Chris Hoofnagle, Assoc. Director, Electronic Privacy Information Center, Washington, DC


ýThis is a timely, "must read" book to learn about dealing with the mushrooming crime of Identity Theft. It is very thorough and well written. The book provides the tools for a victim to protect and reclaim his/her good name. The information is extremely valuable for victims, credit grantors, business owners and managers, public and private agencies and law enforcement officials. The book emphasizes the need for preventative measures but also shows how to promptly respond when an Identity Theft crime is discovered. The resources provide additional information as well as training material for both victims and businesses. This is the most complete publication I have seen on Identity Theft.ţ  - Dave Skelton, Retired Detective Sergeant, Bremerton, WA.

"Identity theft victims can learn from Mari Frank's new book. She's a former victim who's been there, fought back, and now wants to protect you and pass her skills on to you!" ˝ Ed Mierzwinski, Consumer Program Director, National Association of State Public Interest Research Groups (U.S. PIRG) Washington, D.C.

ýIdentity Theft is the crime of the 21st Century, and Mari FrankÝs Safeguard Your Identity is the best 21st Century solution to this growing menace. Read it, and make your family and friends read it as well.ţ-- Robert F. Brennan, Esq., consumer rights attorney, Los Angeles, CA

"Your credit history affects more than just your ability to get a loan ˇ it touches many aspects of your life, from getting a job to obtaining insurance to affecting the rates your existing creditors charge you. Safeguard Your Identity is the premier source of the best means available to protect your identity and your all important credit history from the eve- increasing threat of Identity Theft." -  Chris E. Kittell, Esq., consumer lawyer, Webster, Gresham, and Kittell, Clarksdale, MS

"The most indispensable "WEALTH" of information yet on Identity Theft. Safeguard Your Identity is truly full of everything that the public needs to know. ˝ Linda Pecanic, Arizona Regional Security Manager, M&I Marshall & Ilsley Corporation, Phoenix, AZ

ýI found Mari FrankÝs book Safeguard Your Identity a GREAT resource for the prevention of Identity Theft. But for those unfortunate individuals who are the victim of Identity Theft, this book is also a valuable tool in their quest to correct their good name. The book provides numerous tips and web sites that can help an Identity Theft victim right the wrong.ţ -- Clayton S. Morrow, consumer attorney, Pittsburgh, PA


 ýIdentity Theft is growing rapidly and catching consumers blindly. Oftentimes, you never know you are the victim of this crime until the damage is done. Reading Mari FrankÝs book, Safeguard Your Identity, is the first and most important step you can take to protect yourself before this happens to you. This book should be a household item.ţˇLarry Smith, consumer rights attorney, Chicago, IL


            ýI found Safeguard Your Identity not only informative, but very practical ˇ especially the 20 steps to take once fraud is discovered. I will give this book to my daughter, who doesn't believe my wife and me when we tell her to shred her pre-approved credit card mailings etc. She feels that Identity Theft is something that happens to someone else! Also, this book should be displayed in the lobbies of banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions, so that the public can become better educated about this epidemic!"  ˝ Norman K. K. Lau, consumer lawyer, Honolulu, HI

"For the past four years I have had the pleasure of working with Mari J. Frank Esq. through our affiliation with the Orange County Sheriffs Department.  Mari is clearly the leading expert on Identity Theft in the nation.  She has given freely of her time and knowledge in conducting training programs for law enforcement officers.  On numerous occasions she has served as the keynote speaker to potential victims of these crimes including senior citizens groups and representatives of the financial services industry.  Mari has also met frequently with State and Federal officials and legislators to obtain new laws to better protect us all from these vicious financial frauds I urge everyone to read Mari FrankÝs informative  book Safeguard Your Identity and to follow her  wise  advice."-  Raymond C. Turner, Sheriff Reserve ,Orange County California; Retired Fraud Investigator- State Farm Insurance,  Former U. S. Treasury Department Representative to International Criminal Police Organization ˝ Interpol, Paris, and Assistant Regional Commissioner ˝ Criminal Investigation, IRS, New York.     


            ýAs an identity theft prosecutor, lecturer, and victim, I have been helping the public stop this fraud scourge for years; but I have never seen a single resource for victim protection and remedies with as much thoroughness and helpful detail as Mari Frank's Safeguard Your Identity. Not just a 'must-read' but a 'must-act-upon' book for all victims and soon-to-be victims." ˝ Jerry Coleman,  criminal attorney, prosecutor, San Francisco, CA

 ýAnyone who uses credit and worries about fraud should read Safeguard Your Identity. -- Daniel A. Edelman, attorney, Edelman, Combs, Latturner & Goodwin, L.L.C, Chicago, IL


"It has been my pleasure to work with Mari J. Frank to protect our most vulnerable citizens, elder and dependent adults, from the threat of identity theft. If victimized, this population is the least likely to recover financially and/or mentally. I recommend that anyone - especially seniors and those working with seniors- read Mari's book Safeguard Your Identity: Protect Yourself with a Personal Privacy Audit".-  Kim R. Hubbard, attorney, F AST Coordinator, Council on Aging - Orange County, California 


 "They say experience is the best teacher and Mari Frank learned about Identity Theft the hard way, as a victim! Her dogged, step by step, determination to resurrect her own life is priceless information about a crime that can, literally, make your life a living hell. Mari is truly the best teacher to help you protect and regain your own life- Read Safeguard Your Identity and heed Mari's suggestions!" -  John North, Investigative Reporter, (Produced documentary on Identity Theft) KNX News Radio/CBS, Los Angeles, CA


"Many consumers who have had their identity stolen find themselves in a seemingly endless Kafkaesque nightmare of relentless bill collectors and indifferent law enforcement agencies more concerned with other priorities.  Their pleas are ignored by credit card companies who are only interested in collecting money and they are further victimized by credit bureaus who pay lip service to their obligations under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Safeguard Your Identity is a potent ally that empowers consumers, enables them to marshal their resources, fight back and regain their identity." - James B. Fishman, Consumer Attorney New York City


"Safeguard Your Identity is the most comprehensive identity crime literature I have come across during my many years of dealing with this menace. I am especially impressed by how user friendly the directions and explanations are laid out. While it is impossible to be completely protected from Identity Crime, I believe this book is as close as it may ever get. As usual Mari Frank has hit the mark and gone beyond." - Lt. Matt Warren, Ohio State Patrol Commander, Counter-Terrorism Unit, Columbus, OH


"If you're at all concerned about identity theft -- and you should be if you have anything to lose and your time and reputation is valuable to you -- you must read Safeguard Your Identity.  And, more importantly, you need to do what Mari outlines to protect you and your family from this growing new threat to our peace of mind and financial security."- Greg Sherwood, Television Host, KQED Public Television, San Francisco, Ca.


"Before identity theft was recognized as a specific crime that could be prosecuted, Mari Frank was on the cutting edge of educating citizens and lawmakers about the building threat of identity theft.  Her book Safeguard Your Identity is a must read for everyone. Whether you are coping with being the victim of identity theft, looking for steps to protect your financial integrity, or working in a business entrusted with customers' personal information - Mari's book offers critical advice." - Greg Brose, criminal attorney, prosecutor, Ventura , CA



"If the battle against identity theft were a military campaign, Mari Frank would be the soldier on point in the assault. Her insight and experience, as related in "Safeguard Your Identity", are second to nothing I have seen, and should be taken very seriously by all victims, possible future victims (that's everybody), investigators, and crime prevention practitioners."


 Franklin F. Naumann, retired Los Angeles Police Dept. Major Frauds investigator, Los Angeles City Attorney Criminal Prosecutor, Beverly Hills Police Dept. Crime Prevention Specialist, Private Investigator and Consultant.


Safeguard Your Identity is the most concisely written and useful protection against the growing scourge of our time: Identity theft.  It is well-organized and reader-friendly, allowing all consumers to benefit from Mari Frank's pioneering work.


Evan Hendricks, Author, "Credit Scores and Credit Reports: How The System Really Works, What You Can Do" (Privacy Times 2004)  Publisher, Privacy Times, Washington, DC


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