Safeguard Your Identity: Protect Yourself  With A Personal Privacy Audit

(Porpoise Press Inc. 2005) by Mari Frank, Esq.
232 pages

This book will show you how to greatly reduce your chances of becoming a victim of identity theft. Although no one can promise that you wonít be victimized, because your personal information is readily available on myriad databases, the information in this book gives you the expertise to evaluate your own privacy risks and identity theft exposure so you will determine the changes you need to make in your daily life. The user friendly guide with bullet point easy to follow steps will serve as your ìpersonal privacy auditî to establish your strategy to shield you from the epidemic of identity theft.

Youíll learn:

        The insidious tricks fraudsters use

        How you can be targeted

        How businesses and agencies expose you to risks

        How businesses themselves become victimized

        How our society and this information age facilitates this crime

        The detailed immediate actions to take today to formidably defend yourself, your family, your workplace or your own business from the exposure to fraud.

        Successful tools for guarding yourself at home, at work, on vacation, while shopping, in business situations and when using your computer and other technology.

        How to take the 20 crucial steps to get your life back, if you are victimized.

        Straightforward positive steps to gain peace of mind and ensure your most valuable asset, your identity!

 "In today's world, information is gold, and this book is about building your own Fort Knox. Just like good privacy laws, Safeguard your Identity puts consumers in control of their personal information. It's a consumer survival guide and emergency action plan that spells out easy-to-follow steps for both avoiding and recovering from ID theft. Truly essential reading."
California State Senator Jackie Speier,  author of the California Financial Information Privacy Act,  Sacramento CA.

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