Dear Identity Theft Victim Advocate:

Your valiant efforts to help consumers is appreciated. Victims of white collar crimes look to you for help. I know because I lived the "Identity Theft Nightmare" which lasted almost a year, and took 500 hours of my time. I wrote 90 letters to the various agencies, and incurred out-of-pocket costs of approximately $10,000. This included my postage, long distance phone calls, travel expenses, additional security systems to my home, (since the woman who had stolen my identity also was stalking me) and many other incidentals. This does not include the $50,000 in credit that she stole in my name from various credit grantors and banks. I needed help and the advocates I looked to did not have the information I needed to assist me.

As you know, there is very little help for victims, and most police departments do not even prosecute these crimes. One must be very persistent, assertive, and savvy about what to do and how to get around the system. I forged my way through the "Jungle" and now have my perfect credit back again, but it was not an easy task!

As a result of my experience, I appeared on several national television shows (ABC, CBS, CNBC and NBC) and many local television shows, and will be featured on 48 Hours as "an expert" (not by choice, but by necessity!) I also was featured in Your Money Magazine, The Congressional Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The Register, and numerous other newspapers and magazines. I agreed to these interviews so I could alert the public of this crime! There are about 500,000 new victims each year - and the Secret Service says this is the fastest growing crime in America.

As a result of the media exposure, I have received hundreds of phone calls and e-mails from victims across the nation. I was overwhelmed by the calls that I received after a recent TV interview on a Los Angeles News Program.

After hearing the pleas for help for the last two years, I as only one person could not help the hundreds of victims whom literally cried to me for help. My dilemma was – I did not want to charge victims for my time, but I could not help people without supporting my children. I felt that the only answer was to develop a coaching kit that includes the information I learned from the hundreds of hours that I spent in research and repair. I decided I could help many more people (at an economical price) with this information, the cost of which is less than I normally charge for writing one letter.

The Identity-Theft Survival Kit is filled with tremendous, uncomplicated information for the Victim.

I hope the information is a great help to you.

Mari J Frank

2005 Porpoise Press, Inc.